7 Peaks Jersey

Exclusively available to 7 Peak Ride’s ‘7 Peakers’ the 2015/16 jersey has citrus green against the 7 Peaks Ride dark blue brand colour.  We love the darker blue and fresh green combination and hope you do too. We have also introduced waffle sleeves and side panels to keep you cool on your way to the top!

Thank you for your feedback in the rider survey; it’s great to hear how popular the jersey is and we’ve listened to you and kept the white lower part of the jersey for visibility. We have also introduced the 7 Peaks Ride women’s cut jersey.

We have designed and manufactured the jerseys nice and early this year and are pleased to say we will have them available immediately you complete the 7 Peaks and lodge your completed passport or Strava rides.   

Here is the 7 Peaks Jersey design for 2015/16. 

You will receive a jersey order form when you have sent in your completed passport (or your Strava rides) to enter the competition.


After popular demand, take a peek at our new women’s cut #7PeaksRide jersey! #ridelikeagirl

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.29.48 pm Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 4.30.04 pm