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Celebrating women who ride the 7 Peaks!

Are you a 7 Peaks rider ?

Jennie Ramage

I started one year ago with a 15km ride to the city & the train home - now I ride 200km per week!

Chantelle Miller

Of course my first two rides with cleats I toppled over but it was pretty much to be expected. Now, less than 2 years later I’m riding up mountains!

Julie Reiter

After suffering 4 stress fractures - my wonderful husband encouraged me to get on a road bike!

clare delany

Having Liz Leorke (bike coach) set monthly training schedules keeps me on track to ride the big peaks in Australia and beyond...

Cate Bradaric

Within four weeks we had completed the seven peaks and Wow!Wow! and more Wow! I have turned into a thrill seeker and I haven't stopped climbing since!

Kate Moody and Jacqui Hoare

Jacqui: My friend Kate and I completed our own personal challenge "5 Peaks in 5 Days (5P5D)" which was born out of an extreme challenge that some of the guys in our group had been planning

Christine Crombie

At 65 I ride the hills, for the challenge, and to say "I did it"!

Susan Weymouth

Hi. I am 58 years old and I work for the Dept of Education in an administration role. I have been cycling for about 8 years. I first got into cycling when I was driving my son to cycling events and noticed how many old guys were riding and thought I would love to do…

Claire Turnbull

My boyfriend is my motivation to cycle... He was by my side every step of the way and encouraged me to finish all 7.


"I had taken on the challenge and I had done it. It wasn't an easy journey but I had ridden all 7 peaks."

Kirrily Carberry

I get nervous before each ride, not knowing what each has in store, hoping my legs and lungs will get me through, thinking about how thrilling it will be to come back down…

Brianna Scarlett

At each summit we would treat ourselves to a chocolate milkshake (among other treats!) and sit, comparing the climbs verses the quality of milkshake!


I hope I can keep riding for many more years. The eldest person in our local bunch is 73, average age is probably 60. I'm inspired by friends like these.

Chelsea Thomas

"We chose to complete the peaks as a family holiday and it was lovely encouraging everyone with their climbs..."

Margeaux Thompson

I have made a habit of doing climbs for the first time in races...!

Jennifer Sutherland

I needed a road bike. I got a cheap one (which I named Lightening) and my passion exploded from there.

Samantha Lee

"I did Lake Mountain at the Domestique event, which was great as I got to ride with so many other like-minded people."

Yanyan Jia

The first peak I climbed was Mt Buffalo, two months after I got into riding. So it was definitely a challenge to me!

Julie Kent

I am inspired by anyone who keeps fit really, it doesn't have to be cycling but as I have reflected - it seems it has been an important part of my life.

Susanne Henry

I've come to explain it by simply calling it 'my medicine', and that tends to resonate with most.

Yama Hilder

I have done most of the 7 peaks challenges with Deb my good riding friend who has made it a lot of fun.

Jen Robertson

I’m just on the “good” side of 40, desk job with a love for the outdoors. I started road riding a few months ago after signing up for the Ascent with a friend. We do like a challenge! We try to go for a 40-50km ride every weekend for training but sometimes hard to juggle…

Lou Sanderson

I love climbing up through the forest, hearing lyre birds, kookaburras, currawongs and smelling the changing eucalypts with the ascent

libby smith

Finishing the 7 peaks at Mt Baw Baw was the best moment. I rode in and got my passport stamped, when I came out my hubby was there with some other cyclists who were amused as I was doing the happy dance....

Felicity Dales

My focus has changed as I am changing. This has caused me to reflect on what is important to me and have ascertained that I just love being outside participating and Riding, Living It!

Sheena Hall

I love cycling for the physical exercise, the fresh air and how it makes me feel!

Robyn Baker

Riding the mountains in Australia is not just a challenge, it’s a feeling of being ‘at home’ surrounded by gum trees, scenery, the smell of the Aussie bush and the sound of the birds. There’s nothing like it anywhere else!

Kate Perry

"Of the seven peaks, I have climbed all, with the most memorable experience being when I won the 2015 Tour of Bright overall last year!"

Katelyn Stevens

...after the tollbooth turn off I got into a rhythm and shocked myself by smiling and thinking "I like climbing"...!

Shari Aubrey

But wow, what an amazing opportunity to look inside yourself, find strength, continue on and achieve more than you ever thought possible. And that’s why I love climbing. And why I love the 7 Peaks Ride.

Michelle Armstrong

"Riding is so enjoyable you come away feeling happier, healthier and energised."

Lara Srbinovski

After completely falling in love with this thing called a sport, I decided to finally face my fears and try to push myself and my abilities. I decided to sign up for the 7 peaks series.

Faz Zamani

If Mt Hotham was a person I would marry them!!

Pamela Hammond

I have recently turned 60 and age has not slowed me at all as I find that cycling keeps me young and happy.

Alicia Hooper

I love bikes. I think that they are a substantial solution to the nasty knot of health, social, environmental and economic problems that car dependent cities set up.

Linda Toth

I now understand the infectious love of participating in healthy activity to make one feel young again.

Gabby Klink

When on the Bike, I am connected to the elements, and emotionally, I am completely free.

Stacey Bulger

"My first peak was Mt Baw Baw....holy cow what an introduction to riding mountains!!"

Caroline Whitten

My heart is in the Victorian high country where my whole crazy love affair with cycling began...

Claire Thomas

I've only been in the cycling game for 7 months and haven't encountered any negativity yet. I love being a chick and pushing as hard if not harder than some of the blokes.

Bich Jennings

Cycling allows me to spend time with my husband, we both enjoy different hobbies and often like to do our own thing but riding together is something we love to do together.

Marie Aitken

At the top of each peak, apart from finding the stamping station, my next main desire is to have a coffee and relax before the descent.

Leonie Williams

"Mt Hotham... I always thought it was beyond my riding capabilities. Throw in a couple of girlfriends and next thing you know, you're at the top 🙂 "

Emma Keogh

I love climbing and descending hills, and I've become ok with wearing Lycra kits mainly because there are so many good designs out there these days.

Kelly Latham

To women just starting I say, go for it. Don't worry about what other people think. You've already done better than lots of other people by just getting out and doing something.

Leah Graeve

I turned 40 in January this year and have only been a ‘serious’ weekend roadie for about 18 months, so you could say that I came to the party quite late in life. I started out riding a beach cruiser in the Summer of 2013. It was a healthy hobby that my partner and I…

Jane Hill

My love of cycling began at age 8, when my parents gave me a golden dragster bike with streamers coming out of the handlebars.

Giulia Wilkinson

He gave me this look and said, “I don't think you can get up Baw Baw”. It was game on from there!

Helen Young

"I started riding for exercise when my body told me it didn't want to do Aerobics any more!"