Lake Mountain

Riding Lake Mountain

Lake Mountain is the closest 7 Peaks Ride to Melbourne.  Start the ride in Marysville and climb a challenging 21km to  the resort village. Reaching grades of up to 10%, the first 4km up Robley Spur is the most sustained and steepest part of the whole ascent. Once you reach the top of the spur the stunning views from the lookout across the Cathedral Range are your bonus. A short downhill section, rolling climbs and flatter areas, break up the ride, before the last gentle climb to the village.

Ride Details

  • Start – Marysville Lake Mountain Visitor Information Centre, 11 Murchison St, Marysville
  • Finish – Lake Mountain Resort Village, Lake Mountain Rd, Lake Mountain
  • Distance – 20.9km
  • Rise – 932m
  • Grade Average – 4%
  • Grade Max – 10%


Stamp your Ride

In Person

Alpine Burger Bar (on-mountain)
Lake Mountain Village
Open Friday – Monday, 8.30am – 4.00pm

Marysville Lake Mountain Visitor Information Centre
(Use when Burger Bar is closed)
11 Murchison St, Marysville
Open 7 days a week, 9.00am – 5.00pm. Closed Christmas Day


Lake Mountain Strava Segment
7 Peaks Ride – Lake Mountain

Cycling Inform Ride Tips

The first 4.4 km of the climb is most challenging with gradients up to 10%. The climb then flattens with enough downhill sections to catch your breath. About half way up you turn left to Lake Mountain where there are a mix of easy gradients and flat sections until the summit.

It’s a good idea to start this climb having already warmed up your leg muscles.

For more tips and tricks from Cycling Inform.

7 Peaks Domestique Ride – Lake Mountain Sunday 15th November

Tackling the 7 Peaks is a tough challenge, but one that is made easier and more enjoyable by the company of like-minded cyclists. Riders of all abilities are welcome to come to the 7 Peaks Domestique Rides, two fully hosted, closed road (no traffic!) rides held at the beginning and the end of the 7 Peaks Ride season. Best of all the rides are completely free. More information.


What’s at the top?

Vending machine 7 days per week
Alpine Burger Bar Friday – Monday, 9am – 4pm   

As above.

Public Shelter available in the Bistro building

Mobile coverage
Good for Telstra and Optus with some black spots

Not on-mountain

Visitor information
Alpine Burger Bar Friday – Monday, 9am – 4pm or;
Marysville Visitor Information Centre

Bike services
Not on-mountain.

03 5957 7222

Ride Map

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