How to Enter

To help you decide which peak rides to tackle, the 7 Peaks Passport contains profile maps and analysis for each of the 7 Peaks rides. It’s up to you which peaks you choose to ride and you can do them at your own pace, in any order and on any day between October 14 2016 and March 31 2017.

  1. Grab your 7 Peaks Passport and pick your mountains to conquer!
  2. Once you have completed your ride, simply validate your achievement with a stamp in this Passport. Stamps are available at the top of the mountain – check each resort page for details.
  3. You can also record your ride with Strava. Just record your ride against the 7 Peaks segments outlined in the 7 Peaks passport and send in your results.
  4. Either Stamps or Strava results for each ride segment may be submitted as valid entry formats.
  5. Rehydrate and rest those weary legs.
  6. Mail, or scan and email, your stamped Passport or 7 Peaks Strava results before 5pm on April 12, 2016 to lock in your entry for the prize draw.
  7. For each peak you complete, you go into the draw to win a peak prize.
  8. If you complete 4 or more peaks, you go in to the major prize draw, a European Cycling Tour, to the 2017 Tour de France, from our friends at Wide Open Road Cycling Tours!

Terms & Conditions