Dinner Plain

Riding Dinner Plain

he Great Alpine Road is the highest bitumen road in Australia rewarding you with spectacular views throughout this ride, not to mention some places to re-hydrate yourself and refuel on the carbs. Dinner Plain is a good base to stay for a few nights to tackle the Hotham ride if you dare!

After an initial steep 400m ascent out of Omeo the road is undulating past Cobungra Station before another long steep climb from the Victoria River to the alpine plateau. Approximately 20km from Omeo, plan a rest stop and take in the view across to Australia’s highest mountain at the Mt Kosciuszko lookout.

You will enjoy the views of the Snowy Mountains before heading on to Dinner Plain. Along the way take your mind off the climb and enjoy the changing landscape from the alpine ash to snowgum forest and heathland.

Ride Details

  • Start – Omeo Bakery, 194 Great Alpine Rd, Omeo.
  • Finish – Dinner Plain Village Entrance, Great Alpine Rd, Dinner Plain.
  • Distance – 42.8km
  • Rise – 943m
  • Grade Average – 2.1%
  • Grade Max – 11%
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Stamp your ride

Mountain Kitchen
Horseshoe Circle, Dinner Plain WedtoSun 9am-4pm

24/7 Stamping Station
DP Hut (next to main carpark)

Cycling Inform Ride Tips

The longest of the Peaks, so ensure you have enough hydration and nutrition to last the duration. The climb has many flat and downhill sections as well as some long sections of sustained climbing. The road is heavy where you’ll need to ride an easier gear because of the road surface.


To book accommodation in Dinner Plain visit visitdinnerplain.com

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