Lake Mountain • Sunday 13 November • 9am

Tackling the 7 Peaks is a tough challenge, but one that is made easier and more enjoyable by the company of like-minded cyclists.

Riders of all abilities are welcome to come to the 7 Peaks Domestique Ride a fully hosted, closed road (no traffic!) ride. Best of all the ride is completely free.

Join Matt de Neef from The Climbing Cyclist and Andy van Bergen from Hells 500 for the popular Domestique Ride. Riders that come along will receive tips and advice from experienced cyclists on tackling the climbs, as well as complimentary hydration and nutrition products and much more.

For information and to register for the ride head to domestiquecycling.cc.

Make sure to check the date before the ride as it may change due to the weather.


The boys behind the Domestique Rides

Matt de Neef

By day I'm the editor of CyclingTips, one of Australia biggest cycling publications. Much of my spare time is spent organising the Domestique Rides with Andy or working on my own website, The Climbing Cyclist. Occasionally I even find time to get out for a bike ride of my own. I got into road cycling after being inspired by the Tour de France, and since then I've loved nothing more than the challenge and satisfaction of riding up hills. The Domestique Rides allow me to share that love of climbing with hundreds of other like-minded (read: crazy) individuals.



Andy van Bergen

When I'm not working with Matt on the Domestique Rides, I'm at my dream job at CyclingTips, managing the ragtag bunch of Hells 500 misfits, convincing people it's a good idea to climb 8,848m in a single ride (everesting), and always working on the next little project, all supported by an incredible wife, and very willingly distracted by my two daughters.